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Hal Leonard allows temporary copies and audio tracks of our published arrangements to be created and distributed to ensemble members for rehearsal purposes only under the following terms and conditions:

  1. No temporary copies or audio tracks may be created or distributed with the intention of avoiding purchase of available products.

  2. An adequate number of copies of the published arrangement must be purchased to accommodate the ensemble size, so that each musician will use an original copy during performances. This may require multiple copies to be purchased for larger ensembles.

  3. All temporary copies must include the copyright notice(s) as found on the original and shall include the phrase "Reproduced by Permission of Hal Leonard LLC for rehearsal use only."

  4. All temporary copies and audio tracks must be collected and destroyed, and any digital files deleted, prior to the first performance.

If you do not believe your rehearsal needs are covered under these guidelines, you may contact our licensing department here.

We are regularly reviewing the needs of our customers and publishers, and we will update these guidelines as needed

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