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Hurray !

You can now transcribe any composition or tunes or full fledged song of yours by our award winning transcribers, conductors & arrangers at nominal price,

Our services :

* Original arrangement of an original song,

*Transcription of songs

* Single line melodic transcription to multiple line Harmonic transcription, we do it all !

* Unlimited number of order ( with a monthly subscription of Rs 7999  (* Condition Apply)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Payment once done is non-refundable

2. Technically each transcription of the song tales 24 hours but if the hardness level is high, it might take upto 3 days.

3. The transcription of melodic line ( voice in case of song) is only done.

4. This service is not for any orchestral arrangement or multiple harmonic lines .

5. Chords are part of the melodic lines but transcriber and arranger has the freedom to arrange the song as he find best

6, The Songs are transcribed based on the professional category of musicians and not for the amateurs.

7. Songs once transcribed are not revised at any condition.

8. You agree to share information entered on this page with six string (owner of this page) adhering to applicable laws.

9. For transcription of original song, its mandatory to upload the audio files in  form of mp3 and submit in the form

 10. Six String publication is not responsible for any kind of dispute arousal due to the song / idea / lyrics getting duplicated or pirated by some other individual/organisation in this whole process.

* Conditions Apply : There should be a minimum of gap of  3 working days gap in between two  orders 

 Transcription Order Form

Thanks for your order!

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